Business Intelligence

B usiness Intelligence (BI) is a technology discipline that helps organizations better understand historical, current, and predictive views of the business operation. Brane is committed to helping clients achieve business goals by employing business consulting and proven best practices gleaned from numerous successful BI engagements. Brane assesses your current BI and corporate reporting environments, consults with your senior managers across departments regarding business performance, and then plans a robust BI roadmap to enable better future business decisions.

We develop BI-solutions covering all purposes and phases of our customers BI initiatives. Beginning with requirements analysis, extraction and processing of raw data (ETL-processes) via modeling and maintaining your data warehouses (OLAP), we finally create a presentation layer for performance indicators (KPIs) using balanced scorecards, dashboards and many more kinds of reports.

Whether it’s making full use of existing investments or integrating new BI technology within the business, Brane will provide a clear vision of the full BI potential within the organization as well as a road map for achieving that potential.

Brane helped us define our warehousing roadmap; defined our data architecture; crafted our dimensional models, and showed us how to manage our metadata with exceptional clarity and attention to detail.

Richard Brooke, DOE

B rane brings in our rich experience concerning model-based software development. Would you like an example? Our president Kagan was the architect or Oracle’s Warehouse Builder product before founding Brane. Building on that experience, we have developed a transformation language (DSL) which allows us to specify the requirements on various types of ETL-processes and generate platform-specific code automatically.

Brane realizes that an overall BI program within an organization requires ongoing governance and management. Our BI team works with clients throughout an implementation to establish the necessary ongoing BI Governance roles, responsibilities, and processes to ensure the organization extracts the maximum long-term value from the BI environment.