Mobile Apps

As the popularity of mobile devices increase, mobile application programs, known as apps, are progressing steadily. Apps are valuable assistants in everyday life arranging shopping, offering navigation aid, informing about gas stations, restaurants and places of interest … Yet, this is only the beginning: Because apps conquer the business world. They transform portable devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and Android– phones into small, mobile offices.

At Brane we realize the trends and the needs of our customers. We create business applications that are tailored to for your business needs. With our business-apps, your business is always up-to-date everywhere. Mobile server monitoring, or access to current customer data is not limited to traditional space. With the connection of the apps to your website, you can reach your customers at any time, any place – iPod touch, iPhone, Android- or Symbian- phones thereby become your new marketing and communication channel. We develop apps that are connected to enterprise applications, back-end systems or social networks like Facebook.

Brane applies agile project management methods for app development with which we can respond quickly and flexibly to changing requirements. This guarantees high quality development with very short development cycles and product launch times – this is an indispensable competitive edge, because app-development is very fast and always based on new trends.

Note that the Appstore from Apple have already recorded more than three billion downloads for the iPod touch and iPhone. The number of Apps in the Android Market, Googles equivalence to the Appstore, is also steadily increasing. And, more and more devices are introduced to the market.

Brane is your partner when it comes to keeping your business profitable following trends. Our customized business apps, are characterized primarily by their great usability in addition to high functionality. Be a part of this business evolution!