Eclipse, OSGI

Brane brings together recognized experts from key Eclipse projects, professional processes and the ability to meet the technical requirements of commercial adopters. Brane delivers industrial strength solutions to respond to increases in typical IT requirements — support, extension, custom technology, management, etc.

We are ready and compliant as the adoption of Eclipse in conventional software circles such as rich desktop and internet applications, middleware and servers continues to accelerate. Brane has chosen Eclipse as the foundation technology for its desktop applications and its MDA platform. Eclipse is a robust, extensible, and scalable Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) supporting a wide range of tools for Web technologies, data manipulation and reporting. Eclipse is also a community of developers that contribute top quality, well tested open source components with regular scheduled releases. Brane team has been among the pioneers and contributors of Eclipse since its inception.
Brane provides a complete range of products and services from fundamental technology development, support, training and mentoring to commercial management and solution provisioning .

Our team includes experts in developing tooling and IDEs. For example: our engineers helped MicroFocus, leading Cobol IDE vendor port its entire IDE into Eclipse in record 8 month time frame, complete with its debuggers, and editors etc. More

We were among the first to utilize EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) in commercial applications. We also contributed to the evolution of Equinox project (Eclipse’s implementation of OSGI – a standard for dynamic, modular Java runtime). Following our visionary path, major commercial Application Server vendors have pledged to support OSGI in their up-coming releases.

Benefits of OSGi